Broward County Zip Code Map

A map guide with all neighborhoods and Cities within Broward County rated by quality of life (safety/crime issues, poverty, aspect/how well kept is the area, amenities, reputability, etc); showing from the best areas to the places to avoid.

Based on factual available Government & public / open source data, research plus community feedback.

Map Colors:

Dark Green – Very nice, well kept and very safe areas

(Pale) Green – Quite nice, well kept and quite safe areas

Light Green – Above average areas – nice, mostly well kept and safe enough areas

Dark Blue – Avg. decent to reasonable areas, decent aspect and partially safe

Gray – Fully/Mostly Non-Residential Areas (Neutral)

Yellow – Below average areas, below average aspect and partially/mostly unsafe

Orange – Mostly bad areas, shoddy aspect and unsafe

Red – Mostly unsafe areas